Lumin CPAP cleaner

Lumin CPAP and mask cleaner

Lumin CPAP and mask cleaner runs using a specialized high powered UV light source, it is really reliable in decontaminating your mask and humidifier water chamber. This is the same kind of light source used in hospital operating rooms. UV disinfection gets rid of 99% of bacteria, mold, fungis and viruses on your CPAP devices, keeping your CPAP devices devoid of germs that can lead to health problem. In addition, UV light is the best disinfection option on the marketplace, considering that it does not utilize ozone throughout the sanitizing process.

How does Lumin CPAP and mask cleaner works?

Lumin CPAP sanitizer depends on a low-pressure, mercury-arc lamp developed to produce the highest amounts of UV light-- 90% of its energy is created around 254nm. This becomes part of a disinfection method referred to as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), which utilizes short-wavelength ultraviolet (ultraviolet C or UVC) light as a way of removing bacteria. It does this by damaging nucleic acids and interrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to carry out important cellular functions. In order to ensure your whole mask or hose pipe is cleaned, the Lumin has a reflective interior and a tight security seal to guarantee the product is completely sanitized.

Advantages of Lumin CPAP and mask cleaner.

5 Miniute Sanitization Cycle -One of the very best features of the Lumin is its brief cycle time (just 5 minutes)! This permits you to clean your products extremely quickly and efficiently, keeping your devices germ-free. To make things better, when the cycle completes, the Lumin will beep and after that immediately turn itself off.

Safe and reliable -Lumin CPAP cleaner is the easiest and fastest method to decontaminate your CPAP masks and accessories without damaging chemicals. The 3B Medical Lumin works by releasing UV light to get rid of 99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungus. Have self-confidence understanding your equipment is clean and ready for make use of.

Budget friendly - Lumin CPAP cleaner is a little more costly than other UV cleaners on the market, however, it's likewise backed up by a series of research, and promises high resilience, which could save you money in the long run. Once you've purchased it, there's no need to buy any additional replacement supplies, either. No extra cleaning products are needed to clean your CPAP, and the UV bulb that Lumin utilizes is rated to last longer than the life of the device, so it's highly not likely it'll need changing. In the rare event that the bulb is harmed, replacement bulbs are offered for a low cost from 3B Medical.

Suitable with All CPAP Masks - The Lumin's measurements measure 9-3/8 ″ L x 6 3/8 ″ W x 3-7/8 ″ H, and the device will clean any item that can suit its drawer. It's been specifically created to manage most CPAP masks, hose pipes, and water chambers, but the S10 water chambers should be separated before being placed in the drawer-- these simply pop out and enable you to separate the chamber.

Versatile gadget -Although a great method to clean CPAP masks and water chambers, the Lumin CPAP sanitizer is not limited to sterilizing only CPAP products. Any non-living item which can fit inside the Lumin tray can be sanitized. This includes typical items that need cleaning up such as dentures, tooth brushes, hearing aids, and much more.

Ozone-FREE and Odor free -No ozone odors, no residue to wipe off, and no waiting period after the cleaning cycle finishes-- your items can be utilized immediately. Lumin's UV light procedure is entirely odor-free, incredibly safe, and backed by research. Lab-tests program that Lumin's short-wavelength ultraviolet (UVC) light techniques reduces the effects of harmful germs, viruses, mold and fungus.

No Replacement Parts - As soon as you get your Lumin CPAP cleaner , you'll be set for many years to come! There aren't any parts that require to be regularly changed for this gadget. The UV light bulb that comes with the cleaner has over 9,000 hours of runtime and ought to quickly outlast the lifetime of the Lumin gadget itself.


3B Lumin CPAP cleaner brings the security and benefit of UV light sanitation right into your home. This machine is exceptionally easy to use-- simply put a device in the tray, close the tray, and press the power button. The device will beep when the cycle is complete. There's a security shutoff mechanism that will switch off the UV light if you accidentally open the tray while the process is still in effect. Plus, there's no extensive maintenance, and the UV bulb, while exchangeable, is intended to last as long as the device will.

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