Lumin CPAP cleaner

Lumin CPAP cleaner and sanitizer

Lumijn CPAP mask sanitizer is a safe and practical sanitation station that utilizes UV light to clean masks and other CPAP accessories. Not just is it fast and efficient, it is much safer than traditional cleansing approaches since it does not utilize harsh cleaner that might potentially leech into your medical devices and cause illness. CPAP masks are a haven for bacterial growth. Thus, the UV light solutions kills 99% of bacteria, pathogens, and fungis.

How does Lumin CPAP cleaner and sanitizer works?

Lumin CPAP cleaner gets rid of pathogens and bacteria commonly discovered in CPAP masks and devices by using high energy UV light technology. It is basic and easy to operate. After dirt and debris has been gotten rid of, you just position your CPAP mask into the UV chamber and let the Lumin do its magic. The Lumin is quiet and effective. One 5-minute cycle is enough to get rid of all surface area mold and bacteria on the products positioned inside the pull-out tray.

Advantages of Lumijn CPAP mask sanitizer.

5 Miniute Sanitization Cycle - Lumin CPAP mask cleaner will efficiently sterilize all your required items within 5 minutes. When you take them out of the drawer, you can right away use them. There is no need to enable the items to dry, or wait half an hour up until you can safely use your devices. When the cleaner signals the end of the sanitation cycle, merely take out your products from the tray and take pleasure in high-quality therapy at any moment.

Effective and Easy to Use -Lumin CPAP cleaner utilizes a strong UV light to get rid of 99% of bacteria, pathogens, and fungis present on items positioned inside the unit. UV light is an extremely effective disinfectant and is utilized in a variety of ways in the health market consisting of healthcare facilities. Utilize of UV light is an alternative to other methods of sanitizing which have revealed to be harmful if not dealt with correctly. To make sure the Lumin CPAP cleaning machine is utilized securely, there is a shutoff mechanism that engages if the drawer is opened, causing the UV light to shut off to guarantee UV light is not exposed to a users' eyes.

Competitively priced - Lumin CPAP cleaner is somewhat more expensive than other UV cleaners on the market, nevertheless, it's likewise backed up by a variety of research study, and promises high toughness, which might conserve you cash in the long run. Once you've purchased it, there's no need to purchase any further replacement supplies, either. No additional cleaning items are required to clean your CPAP, and the UV bulb that Lumin uses is ranked to outlive the life of the gadget, so it's extremely unlikely it'll need replacing. In the unusual occasion that the bulb is damaged, replacement bulbs are available for a low cost from 3B Medical.

Totally suitable - The Lumin's measurements determine 9-3/8 ″ L x 6 3/8 ″ W x 3-7/8 ″ H, and the maker will clean any item that can fit in its drawer. It's been specially created to deal with most CPAP masks, tubes, and water chambers, however the S10 water chambers should be separated prior to being put in the drawer-- these just pop out and allow you to separate the chamber.

Flexible gadget - Another thing we like about this gadget is that it's not limited to simply cleaning your CPAP. In fact, the Lumin can accommodate a range of small to medium products, from keys to cellular phone to wallets or perhaps your tooth brush. This indicates you get more bang for your buck, as there are limitless cleaning possibilities with the Lumin.

Ozone-FREE and Odor-free - UV-C light is considered to be the most safe disinfection alternative on the market, as Ozone utilized in other systems has actually been revealed by the EPA to cause inflammation of the lungs and respiratory system at fairly low amounts. The Lumin CPAP UV Sanitizer is the perfect maintenance-free accessory for today's CPAP patient worried about hygiene.

No Replacement Parts - 3B Lumin CPAP cleaner does not need any continuous maintenance or replacement parts. The body of the device and tray can be cleaned down if needed with a soft, non-abrasive fabric if it ends up being filthy, but otherwise, the Lumin does not need extensive upkeep. The UV bulb inside the Lumin can be changed but is intended to last the lifetime of the Lumin.


Lumin CPAP sanitizer does not need water or any cleaning chemicals to operate and does not need supervision while running. This allows users more liberty to do other things while their mask is cleaned, whatever they can do in five minutes since that's all it considers a sterilized, sterilized mask! Just simply open the drawer, location your CPAP mask within, and start the cleaning cycle.

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